The Teaching of Geography

We understand that, in an ever-changing world, our pupils must study a diverse range of people, places and resources. We are blessed to be situated in a World Heritage Site; we want our pupils to understand the significance of this, protect it and have a sense of place and scale within it as well as the county, country and world beyond it. Through building an understanding of the problems and challenges faced by the world today, they will be enabled to make the solutions.

Some of the amazing things we get up to as part of our Geography lessons!

We deliver the Primary National Curriculum for Geography in KS1 and KS2 and we have identified objectives from the EYFS Statutory Framework that are prerequisites for this learning. We have ensured a progressive coverage for all year groups by identifying Key Concepts which allow the children to revisit ideas several times during their time with us; this allows them to develop a deep understanding of the main ideas of Geography. Ambitious End Points have been identified that state where we expect all children to reach by the time they leave Braithwaite School at the end of Year 6; by the time children leave us, they have a solid grounding in order to be able to take on the KS3 Geography curriculum. In order to enable the children to reach these End Points, we have carefully mapped out expectations for each year group in relation to each key concept; these stages form the ‘jigsaw pieces’, also known as non-negotiable skills and knowledge, which eventually join to achieve the End Point which is the ‘finished picture’.

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