Local Governing Body

The Local Governing Body of Braithwaite School is a standing committee of the Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust and, as such, shares the Trust's framework of Trust, Honesty, Empathy and Social Responsibility in order to deliver the best possible educational, spiirtual and emotional outcomes for children, their families and the community.

The Department for Education expects all Local Governing Bodies in every school, no matter the size, to ensure effective governance through clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; to be a critical friend to the Headteacher and senior management as well as overseeing the financial performance of the school and ensuring its money is well spent.

All members are subject to an Enhanced Criminal Record check.

Braithwaite LGB consists of 10 members:- 5 foundation members who are recommended through the Parochial Church Council and appointed by the diocese; 2 parents; 1 staff member; 2 ex-officio members (including the Headteacher).  Further members may be co-opted if there is a specific need.

There are 5 full Local Governing Body meetings during the school year.  The Pupil Progress and Curriculum Committee and the Finance, Buildings and Grounds Committee meet termly.  In addition, all LGB members make informal visits to the school as well as recorded visits for the purpose of  monitoring and evaluating the progress of the School Action Plan.

LGB members seek to be visible and approachable, ready to listen to pupils, their families, staff and the wider community in order to embrace and promote living and learning together.  If you wish to contact a member of the school's Local Governing Body please do so through the school office,

The ex-officio Foundation member post appointed by the Diocese is vacant following Rev Lucie Lunn's move to South Cumbria. There is currently also a vacancy for a Foundation member, who may or may not be a parent.  Please feel free to find out more by contacting Colin or Jo.  Alternatively, any member of the LGB will be happy to talk with you informally about the role - no pressure!

or contact the school through the Contact page

Members of the Local Governing Body (LGB)

  • Dr Colin Ashurst (Foundation member / Chair of LGB)
  • Jo Laker (Headteacher / Ex Officio)
  • Chris Lewis (Foundation Member)
  • Pam Kemp (Foundation Member)
  • Wendy Scott (Foundation Member)
  • Rachel Cowper (Staff Member)
  • Graham Sumbler (Parent Member)
  • Neil Hamblin (Parent Member)
  • Jen Allason (Clerk to the LGB)

Local Governing Body Newsletter