Our school uniform is mainly widely available. You can visit our uniform provider's website here.

Girls (all items are required unless stated optional

  • Grey skirt, trousers, shorts or pinafore dress
  • White polo shirt. Logoed polo shirts are available form uniform supplier optional
  • White socks or grey tights 
  • Purple school sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Summer term to Oct 1/2 term only: Gingham dress (blue/purple) or continue to wear grey skirt, trousers, pinafore dress or shorts


  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • White polo shirt. Logoed polo shirts are available form uniform supplier optional
  • Grey socks
  • Purple school jumper

School uniform for Nursery (optional) and Reception pupils is a Braithwaite School sweatshirt and a white polo shirt, available from the school, with grey trousers, tracksuit trousers or skirt. In summer, girls may wear a blue/purple gingham dress.

All pupils (from Reception to Y6) should wear smart black shoes in school (not trainers).  Velcro fastenings are the easiest for young children to manage themselves. Boots may be worn to travel to school (e.g. in snowy or wet weather) and pupils should change into their school shoes on arrival). Older pupils may change into trainers at break times if they wish.

Braithwaite School sweatshirts (£11.40) and polo shirts (£9.90) are available from school, along with PE t-shirts (£6.80) and school book bags (£8.70).  Braithwaite School cardigans (£13.80) are available to order from our uniform supplier, as are Braithwaite School hoodies which can be worn for PE. 

Braithwaite school book bags are optional. They are particularly useful in helping younger children organise their reading books but a rucksack can be just as effective.

We recognise that the cost of school uniform can become expensive so to support with this, and to help the environment by reducing and recycling, we hold a half termly uniform swap shop on the school yard in the last week of each half term. We encourage parents to donate uniform which has been grown out of so that it can be enjoyed by another child.

P.E. Equipment

On P.E. lesson days, trainers, shorts (black or navy blue) and T-shirt (gold with school logo) will be need to be worn to school. Football boots may be worn when games are played on the field, but are not essential. Plain black or navy jogging bottoms or leggings (no patterns or markings) and a school hoodie or sweatshirt can be worn on outdoor PE days. 

Long Hair - due to increased risk of spreading Head Lice we recommend that long hair is tied back at all times (for PE it must be tied back for safety reasons).

Jewellery / Make up / Nail Varnish

For safety reasons, children are not allowed to wear jewellery in school. Jewellery is defined as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ankle bands, nose-studs or rings. We appreciate that some children have had their ears pierced and therefore the continued wearing of ear-studs is permitted, but not during P.E. or swimming activities. However, we do ask that if you are having your child’s ears pierced, you do so at the beginning of the school summer holidays so that they can be removed by the start of the autumn term.  If your child cannot remove their earrings, please provide them with plasters to cover them. Watches should be clearly marked with the child’s name and we ask that all watches and fitness trackers (fitbit etc) are removed for P.E. lessons.  Make up and nail varnish should not be worn in school.