We believe that homework plays an important part in effective learning and that the best homework practice arises naturally from work in the classroom, with allowance being made for differences in age and ability. In line with our Building Learning Power and Mastery approach in Maths our homework aims to give children choices about their homework and encourages reflection about their learning.

At the start of each year, teachers inform parents of when homework will be set and when it should be returned. Teachers prepare a termly selection of activities for children to select tasks from. Over the coming terms older pupils will begin to make their own reflections and teachers will reduce the number of suggested tasks. We hope the reflections will give opportunity for children to talk about their learning with parents, deepen their own understanding and develop independence and decision making skills.


All children are encouraged to read most evenings; in the Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1, parents and helpers write comments in reading records; as children move into KS2, they are required to maintain their own records and to keep an ongoing journal of thoughts and reflections about their books. We encourage children to read a range of fiction and non-fiction material.


In addition to Reading and a weekly reflection, Homework is given for specific age groups as follows:

 Reception Read Write Inc homework (practice handwriting/sounds sheets) 

  • Y1  Sounds/handwriting linked to Read Write Inc. phonics
  • Y2  6-10 spellings to learn linked to Read Write Inc. work
  • Y3/4 Mental Maths facts to learn (e.g. number bonds and times tables) and 6-15 spellings to learn linked to Read Write Inc. work
  • Y5/6 Regular practice of multiplication tables/other Mental Maths and spellings linked to Read Write Inc. work.
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