Design and Technology

The Teaching of Design and Technology

We will inspire, engage and challenge our pupils to invent, create and reflect; they will see the subject of Design & Technology as far more than just building stuff! We recognise that the world around us is forever evolving and technology plays a big part of that. Pupils will build on their prior knowledge of design, functionality and purpose and make products and porotypes that solve real and relevant problems for a variety of consumers.

Here are some photographs of our fantastic practical experiences in Design and Technology

We deliver the Primary National Curriculum for Design & Technology in KS1 and KS2 and we have identified objectives from the EYFS Statutory Framework that are prerequisites for this learning. We have ensured a progressive coverage for all year groups by identifying Key Concepts which allow the children to revisit ideas several times during their time with us; this allows them to develop a deep understanding of the main ideas of Design & Technology. Ambitious End Points have been identified that state where we expect all children to reach by the time they leave Braithwaite School at the end of Year 6; by the time children leave us, they have a solid grounding in order to be able to take on the KS3 Design & Technology curriculum. In order to enable the children to reach these End Points, we have carefully mapped out expectations for each year group in relation to each key concept; these stages form the ‘jigsaw pieces’, also known as non-negotiable skills and knowledge, which eventually join to achieve the End Point which is the ‘finished picture’.

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