Admission to Reception

The Local Authority (LA) now run a co-ordinated admissions scheme. All parents of children requiring a place in Reception for September should complete an online Cumbria application during the autumn term and submit this by 15th January. Letters to parents informing them of the outcome of this application will be posted or emailed in April.  Any parents that have not yet completed an application by 15th January should contact the School Admissions and Appeals Team in order to submit a late application.  Places are expected to still be available for late applications.  Further details can be found at Cumbria County Council School Admissions.

The school can provide you with further information and invite you to visit the school when it is convenient to you.  See admissions policy below for further information and key dates.

For in year entry please contact the School.  We can give you more information about this and have some places available.

Other Admissions 

If your child is requiring a place at any time other than September, or in a year group other than Nursery or Reception, this is regarded as a 'casual admission'. We have places available so it is only necessary to complete the school's application form. In the unlikely event that there are no places available in that class, parents may complete form SPT8 and contact the School Admissions and Appeals Team in Carlisle (see Admissions link) or by email: .  We currently have places available in all year groups.  However, please note that (in line with most other schools in Cumbria) we can only accept new admissions at the start of a new term, unless there are exceptional circumstances such as a house move into the area. 

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